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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Professional / Community 2.1.07

This release considerably improves Burp's SSL/TLS coverage.  Historically, quirks in different server-side implementations together with bugs in the client-side Java stack led to problems connecting to some web sites. These have now been virtually eliminated.

The Venn diagram below shows how Burp's coverage now compares with Google Chrome for the Alexa top 100,000 sites. Burp achieves substantial overlap with Chrome. Burp can connect to 1,696 sites that Chrome does not, and only fails to connect to 125 sites that Chrome can connect to.

(Note that Burp's additional coverage is largely because Burp tolerates some older and weaker protocols and ciphers, in the interests of maximizing connectivity.)

Various improvements have been made to the crawling phase of scans:
  • The event log contains improved feedback regarding account self-registration and login.
  • Crawling is more efficient, with substantially fewer requests needed to discover the same range of locations.
  • Various minor bugs have been fixed.
MD5: 54104165c200f275a5cf47455380f42e 
SHA256: b393de490ee2558d869158843ab423017381a352509b3963fbea868da120134d 

MD5: 91a0cd63c7eed4db69f0f5aa1f9350eb 
SHA256: 23ce776dcc1dcf3d3bf332180d112fd1a68345747e2ffc282a2d515efbbc2120
MD5: e5d8c8ec7fee48d4f569e707ea6b584b 
SHA256: 7efdb5f23da676969a2cbb02fb74f9428f4ffdc4a2764ad151bf52c76ff37dac 

MD5: e828e2b9478e3fc198e3007423ae7252 
SHA256: 6212892e0a775d04514401449dec0eb18c96c92d5ae1ea5a2e00160be0af1299 

MD5: d22900104f4ae2d7c48a496741ab2091 
SHA256: 3f18904e094693c411b9451d8dba8b79e9f5228de0a72752abdf3c28c414af80 

MD5: f4d417186edfaaa51d44814af1b04b16 
SHA256: 1a9a5a3144b3e8086bf9b386dc400cefaaf95e668c601e566d31226c7420b57d 

MD5: af688c0c3c25da8690694e676baa5044 
SHA256: ee8567171cd03f9a139f778bca1acaaaf685aa45afcc0c65e619bafdbe3c93af
MD5: 977fb20d5cf90b936f0ab1b58c695be1 
SHA256: 34733e4b406fc581bc0dfbeebb985f4f3d1d3138271326ed4e43093a5d62e01f