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Friday, September 27, 2019

Professional / Community 2.1.04

This release includes a number of minor enhancements and bugfixes.

In Burp Repeater, there are new options to close a tab, close all other tabs, and reopen a closed tab. You can access these actions via the context menu on the tab header, or by assigning hotkeys.

There is a new (default-on) scan option to ignore the protocols of URLs to scan. This is to avoid a  common user error where the scan is configured for only, while it needs also to include

When a Burp update is available, there are options to mute the update notification for one week, for the currently offered update, or for all beta updates.

A bug affecting use of PKCS#11 smart cards affecting Burp 2.x has been fixed.

MD5: 51bfec354f1dbcefb274f265037ca360 
SHA256: fd97f9959dd0d073b77cbd951896f24cc3915905df624c79f3b66556f2305c70 

MD5: 28868a5e1eeee5cacd60053287d80826 
SHA256: 795ce10638fb289144c6882ef10c5c1007ed6b428b41667455267b3aefa2f8eb
MD5: a4fb6c9fb7cf07e57b3eff12150e495d 
SHA256: 1a74519b7842bbcfb64e052112b8a6d312b8fe055d72abd9265c0c39e9f3407e 

MD5: feadf07a9c5de8be85a757ccbd5ec8dd 
SHA256: d8925c52edb25a37a62afd87b4d947d3c169a7901b5dc8edf62c3654c0e558b8
MD5: 9a98ca432d13f60941345073d648010d 
SHA256: 8a726a017f23884af79d1e3dd87d7d41d40a92191ce9cc63c51c66034f39365a 

MD5: dca0508ddd7f7ac5b41f229bd8f8e778 
SHA256: 96abf8db5f33adf7be721b2b67b349989f410c82847b41fc12e603e0236fb84c 

MD5: a081eed3f18082303beb1269b18c14bb 
SHA256: e687c1276559a9c9079f7fa1ea740d7418f4517e1692050ebcdbadc51eb6f17d 

MD5: a8ad6bf7c6912f28739ea6bac289538b 
SHA256: 8777c3e431d193a6b5112976b9ac2c48cf698cf55aa02cc55ca38a692e6cf09b