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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Professional / Community Edition 2.1.01

This release adds support for WebSockets in Burp Repeater.

You can select a WebSocket message in the Proxy history or intercept tab, and choose "Send to Repeater" from the context menu:

Each message you send to Repeater opens in a new tab. Here, you can manually edit and send the message, view the full message history, pick a message from the history and manually edit and resend it, and manage the WebSocket connection:

As always, feedback about this new feature is welcome.

Have fun!

MD5: bde66745bfb3a963ad70e3378f76a1f7 
SHA256: ef9582ecf82c1f639929b955a46570ca4556fdc6375d83698d88320ea01db607
MD5: fe16c5892d0db11c4973eaaf2eefa252 
SHA256: a9e8b7a42fb17adb718f42697dac9dd2e0404caa9990068a4f08af63fa0271a6 

MD5: 07592aeb5a781f514dccfdfcdeaa3087 
SHA256: a42ea2400a6392097301bc5d886ac1f173a24a921cad68b15deca25862d5657b 

MD5: 92016f2640f5ce902bb2b1e929f976ab 
SHA256: 3ad64b373c50f61a278692f3720e9967d4efd5372c3bea4c5eed61996d18d819 

MD5: ad549e6ec46d029d043643d81c0fa6a0 
SHA256: 720c78a15ffe25513a3e92727e7072e7ea086d19c46564b7167894a9b8c8e30d
MD5: 5ab3865355ad4142f8b7185559e0a61d 
SHA256: a9ec22204684f724658e9b3b68b3b84c9cc9d8842b5463beb60760fa33e498c6 

MD5: 9fe781a85de45bb477aa8f2dc05180b9 
SHA256: 18b8aa61ab15f406523973392ba9687a9a392ed196b17db91c09ffe960fac48e 

MD5: be1d8e80fa06582fdbe888a86f4c9659 
SHA256: 83284cb198a1a96a8956925a058cc3c4b370c5bfd7e73308c1ec68287a7288cf