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Friday, June 28, 2019

Professional / Community Edition 2.1

Burp Suite 2.x is now officially out of beta!

This is a huge upgrade over 1.7 with a wealth of new capabilities. We encourage anyone still using 1.7 to switch to 2.x.

Community Edition users can now enjoy Burp's new dark theme. To enable the dark theme, go to User options / Display / User Interface / Look and feel, and select Darcula.

Coming out of beta means we regard Burp Suite 2.x as essentially stable and suitable for general usage. It doesn't mean there are no bugs. All software has bugs, and feedback is always welcome about any problems that users observe.

We will, of course, be continuing to enhance Burp Suite 2.x with various new features over the coming months.
MD5: c9592f1adf611e37951cc17f804fa666 
SHA256: bf0c3a0e8dd292749fc9a8e06861a38441fa9f9667b800d8f53cc726eefd6925 

MD5: 15f3cbe7ddc20825d76bad41fab9170e 
SHA256: bb7121cb68e980ac16d47a2e1e51f03559a8b44f94824c4ca62a89233b2f28f0 

MD5: 09e2053aa886b88fb71e26610206adf7 
SHA256: a15f96dc755237492fd06f629b877bb542d92ac47b3802161f3418e9d3eedc9a 

MD5: e9e87f453dc574d820f52200281c5240 
SHA256: d5271576d13ca554219c3419840c7d4696f2aff37498327a0b1bca61c13496b8 

MD5: 49974c212828b73f72eaf5fc0ad5debd 
SHA256: a2e888a8e063581112464c5014c3749f8e937b3a9c6d35ce76864b1d472cfd9e 

MD5: eea1fa819e0d05da055db28cf0a61e3d 
SHA256: 6d4c736c62b14bfa68e9688734bff07f3039fdcd0cc3111aa06078096e7b5917
MD5: f0d29fcc4b1010711f67619fa3a76701 
SHA256: 5badf3ba0b03ee406cbc55b6f4a9b9104910833fc98722870cbddd29ac5bb787 

MD5: f5e95d9373b6c395478f9a06b358c28d 
SHA256: cef23459e60350640a54bf7777c914c4e84bee0e3a881847a5ca315921ecf907