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Friday, May 24, 2019

Professional 2.0.22beta

This release contains fixes for some bugs reported in the previous release, relating to the new embedded browser.

Note: This is an incremental update to the Burp 2.0 beta release, and the same caveats apply. Please read the Burp 2.0 blog post in full before using this release.

MD5: 9f77a44d4068bdbb5af48d09bd98112b 
SHA256: f1ec08d712002fa4ecd7c615c6a773c0aadcd8f785246428b8784099f8309110
MD5: cfd3da98016e3ab6a80d72ff46e7bfcc 
SHA256: 61d40b6f741f88fe8c96b89a518be6ddbc8764d3c111411a7a02fd64f976367e 

MD5: 97f711228c53f73ffee2d75c7a0cd497 
SHA256: 66db7aed3504f00b96afbcbb70c133ccbebacbe3e3d3868fb62ef61f07ab7a66 

MD5: ccb9cb7f588f823e7a52f417a04b5239 
SHA256: f6610adc7dd78f83db1f423215983dc26d67f1e7607942a39c0e3dac50fd5d5a 

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Professional 2.0.21beta

This release contains a number of bugfixes.

We have fundamentally re-architected the way we are embedding the Chromium browser, to improve its long-term stability and security. This change has been thoroughly tested but we welcome real-world feedback about its performance on different platforms.

This final push on improving our use of Chromium will see us officially come out of beta soon. So now is your chance to give us your feedback.

Note: This is an incremental update to the Burp 2.0 beta release, and the same caveats apply. Please read the Burp 2.0 blog post in full before using this release.
MD5: aa38780a4f6d21fe357d69e0727e7f56 
SHA256: d52d1d2d6b0d22fe3a3583545e524752fe330d3ea33f4a6c67c585e9518a8628 

MD5: 6b865aaa9b17a4c66fc5bfacdb75218a 
SHA256: b985e51147b66b10a3a9e4651eb9dcdc42105ca620d51fdfb681856701e0fdfd 

MD5: 614c18cc06324353c47f17e9790eef4a 
SHA256: bf532acfb7a3a9339963239dbba4e8ba5eff195acf01af54c55a14ab5f055418 

MD5: 84d4757f2e79d9a5ff676ae65c0aed4d 
SHA256: 334d2f1bf76180876a2200c309f9faa901efaa422f07c36f2eb0b4fc6f87868f 

Friday, May 17, 2019

Enterprise Edition 1.0.16beta

This release adds a number of new capabilities:
  • You can configure multiple Jira projects to be available for manual creation of Jira tickets.
  • You can create or link multiple Jira tickets for the same scan issue.
  • You can enable automatic generation of Jira tickets for new scan issues.
  • You can download summary scan reports in HTML format.
Note: This is an incremental update to the v1.0 beta release. Please read the Enterprise Edition release announcement for full details.