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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Professional 2.0.12beta

This release contains a number of bugfixes.

Note: This is an incremental update to the Burp 2.0 beta release, and the same caveats apply. Please read the Burp 2.0 blog post in full before using this release.

MD5: 97103acd23163d593119564d6536b87f 
SHA256: 9189b7314a4000db6d4e137f5ed7a92e40a0653d86d7d9c03dcc6f8faa4f060e 

MD5: 3fbf69c45084c56adc01011289c22c5e 
SHA256: c79761dd21b7a09601a88ab4c3e07dc09710777b890205c50f673aa186cfbcda 

MD5: 2877981c4ecb1f3552abaed4f9e2f8d5 
SHA256: 58485b3e500832738819e4538ca54736e06d91ec39e7bd619f70588ec8eb7f24 

MD5: 84cbad87957f1a30617ec9a20a4b7430 
SHA256: 3e5cc005606201993df51bb14d31ec2ab3fa41a61feb5928af88f57f559530e3
MD5: af4cfa7533ea5dc24088959f67c0a1cd 
SHA256: d1f832ff7ad2ba74a4793fcc156ade37db83f6e8d639d0712f8e8e39cf691574