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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Professional 2.0.10beta

This release introduces a new dark theme. You can use the following steps to enable the dark theme:
  • Launch Burp.
  • Go to User options / Display / User interface / Look and feel.
  • Select Darcula.
  • Gracefully shut down Burp and restart.
Thanks are due to Corey Arthur for giving us the impetus to produce the dark theme.

The release also contains a number of bugfixes.

Please note:
  • This is an incremental update to the Burp 2.0 beta release, and the same caveats apply. Please read the Burp 2.0 blog post in full before using this release.
  • When Burp Suite 2.x is out of beta, we will resume updates to Burp Suite Community Edition, and the new dark theme will be included in those updates.
MD5: 32e3ab49a8101dd03b5bcfa1188f57ef 
SHA256: 0efe4ff7e5a3828686ae5450f5bf7152068eae8d0270667ded4d816ded0cc9f4 

MD5: 6a771f0cf535cc90f45389a01c513428 
SHA256: d0d10c8562a3edd679963366ecd8e8555cd0d62f71c474c6d07819ed399ea27c
MD5: e6f9318000e5aa03a4a6737b9af9c3f2 
SHA256: d75bcaa3efb99a44c809477019b77a20c0864220966b3c1bf64a2b77a20486d5 

MD5: 7f54eba374cf27e8232ef593a58c17fb 
SHA256: 7785135d8543e65bc488eea1f04ac911332e17e4eca57f8068487135269b1f98 

MD5: badcdc08f176c30dddd4e91365136727 
SHA256: 06305e7bbe13dabf471a5cc3e4c96b15c643df5be03d16c08de984d45a8dc5f7