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Friday, August 24, 2018


This release contains a number of bugfixes.

Note: This is an incremental update to the Burp 2.0 beta release, and the same caveats apply. Please read the Burp 2.0 blog post in full before using this release.

MD5: c0b092c37b0ccb25fc34b6a8d061d3f0 
SHA256: 20f3a566bf405b88446dab440af61caa7edd63fd26d7005768fb0d4eceb204e1 

MD5: 7b4aca1efed01e20947f293d384c4133 
SHA256: b2abffcb7bdbebfeed653f2e6108c37c6a0930dc504c26823e3140bae00e58c7
MD5: 0b18a259f08def8dae7797e0d5de7645 
SHA256: 316ba115b23acb3257dc95e0db8558db23f03457c85234b4fd769e4db9a244ca 

MD5: 4e1e835885ef08959fbc0b45973e0b3f 
SHA256: e962caee99bfc08ea47e1b060863327dcce51730843ce929dc0f103c32ccb2c7 

MD5: 1d836355ff31e4b72d69e138f8daffc0 
SHA256: 6832d3dfcb18c1e2a37f0346e0d95b92335bb25138b7cc92d5685009125b94c8