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Friday, August 10, 2018


This release adds some powerful new Scanner checks based on James Kettle's talk at Black Hat today.

For full details of this awesome new research, see our blog post on practical web cache poisoning.

Burp Scanner is now able to detect two new vulnerabilities, "Web cache poisoning" and "Request URL override":

MD5: 0350199495f1d026363980b581b4aeb9 
SHA256: 490c1b2abfe7f85e4eb62659b2e4be2a8d894d095a69d91fe4ee129ef6f8e68b 

MD5: 69bacf88c41fd155e4809df86c44e9ef 
SHA256: 4795b2d89ded932401c756c062c42c076a48b8cf43bbc623bf6e843b9ff91994 

MD5: fe2ed99335c68d16b57883d2bfd6aeea 
SHA256: d2f27b7c96b11f87898304b543149d79a23ee7ca3e69519d99d1493f3202f054 

MD5: d42bb17583cfed4b897e4ac493eac6e6 

SHA256: 3049c1fed31aa5384f3fb8a825fba17a127ca4d336250288903330961a00808d
MD5: 7b38ce3abe173164721544e35799ba45 
SHA256: e8f5e4a4418f5d210f7d22f55a260bb9ea6e4c0b1775114f46ffac7ee5ee59a1 

Note: On 10 October 2018, the .DMG package was regenerated to be compatible with MacOS Mojave.