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Monday, July 30, 2018


This release fixes a number of issues including:
  • A bug that prevented the macro editor from correctly showing the Proxy history.
  • A bug in the extensions UI where the button to clear an extension's output from the display didn't function correctly.
  • A problem with excessive memory consumption during download of updates. Burp distributions will soon be growing in size to support a number of exciting new features, and applying this fix is recommended in advance of that happening.

MD5: 766579d6f1914642a1a7ac85f9c80c25 
SHA256: 6f3c1777bb5a863a376171eb474bfe9ddc16b486db0802c01ca3108595fa2541 

MD5: dba894fb6786c9868f064dcf08c4e4c0 
SHA256: 2a9437a29f3e0429571ae21a1856d20bec729131cd934abac909354f8075a48a 

MD5: 0d27b3ebd88f2c7cc90debedc2e57e36 
SHA256: b46ea343a2a1d19481a2a48b121e8957b76b31170993b2de5bcf6d97b8080233 

MD5: 984201ba65a8db26523d498de33c81e5 

SHA256: 79e306ad9566947b11342cb61f768f508b4bc776aa326ffcdc384ebc63a1eebe
MD5: a19506eb816fef58c24e8fe5a53ae523 
SHA256: 29f1f7833611083f317939c418b6eb323dce292d379373bd8de1fd00b001a891 

MD5: ee45c40496a5ff427126a82e46465be2 
SHA256: 3324d521e060dcb05697b65f689ef21c54abb90448aed5e8257cdefd3e469ce8 

MD5: 53a51031b944264a2c820a37c83e6ee3 
SHA256: d4e9d1a45f5c4c48a70689616478c11ddba2310848f70a1fbd6dbf848df0d1ff 

MD5: bdfff49ee6f5ad77338a1d04927704e6 
SHA256: 7c423d4eea1f95d1aada692eff5d644986f2e25a6caeca7d551f0eeb887647bd 

MD5: 41c03f7f327b69f1f62006cd1d7646e6 
SHA256: 619e3880e8353bd29d81dd9c90aa95516ce164c10cd8d9e2113d12f297bf634e
MD5: 29d660fd181889af39c1be5455dfb882 
SHA256: 7c7cb1078d972f62341d9b2aab21b13f1a619009fb6fea7a6655e3397ad80b1a 

Note: On 10 October 2018, the .DMG package for Community Edition was regenerated to be compatible with MacOS Mojave.