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Friday, June 29, 2018


This release includes a number of fixes and minor enhancements:
  • Further enhancements have been made to Burp's project repair function based on feedback from the previous release. We welcome further feedback of any situations in which data cannot be recovered from a corrupted Burp project file.
  • A fix has been applied to prevent Burp's filter popups from appearing in the task switcher on some Linux window managers.
  • The hardening of SSL validation that was added in 1.7.34 unfortunately didn't work correctly for some users who access the web via a network proxy. This affected Collaborator polling, Burp updates, and the BApp Store. Users with a configured upstream proxy who have already updated to 1.7.34 and have encountered this problem will not receive the update notification for this release. Those users will need to either (a) remove the upstream proxy configuration temporarily; or (b) run an older version of Burp to obtain the update.
MD5: a7b3a976db8ec642ec4fbc6e2cfafcd8 
SHA256: 0bf141b55ffba6c6b30a24856f69542c5569b38b80324fbee39dbcfb3ded3fda 

MD5: a17ebf74e88f337c899728bcd9a4a86b 
SHA256: 9fb7eccc811f0e931535ce2b3d6caa3c76cbba9d056d9609aa85e39def8ccfa7 

MD5: e02603ad3c5b0535212d82b385b6a9b6 
SHA256: 4adcc986ea9353e5965cfa8ae5949ebc10346ff229dd433496e5d875379ccff8 

MD5: 0be074d4a7e3436c9cb98e81c2fb9965 
SHA256: 92434dd8026079b760d325ed2d7e6a247cdbc889119cfe719026c3179b178d56 

MD5: ef0b08366731de8afe7139273f52c758 
SHA256: 1fcc57822bc463acd8e72117cdf7b80abcae8075184c6a78af544bc92231a491 

MD5: dad08a1c94489b857983f4da115a13f0 
SHA256: beb52edfe12af1d0cd7e3dde2f35b1223be04608409fd9e7c1ed1a6f3abab42c 

MD5: f1dffcce0051b5c53fcc6fc8f7e27a05 
SHA256: 2b008868e6b491d38477b382a086c43d47614a0f0e92e7a187f8a1e5bac04db3 

MD5: e7464d5958327acc2d0970c85ff88b41 
SHA256: e5fcf0c9bf52b3cd645e040a7c00b2fe7e6e4feefa36aeaecaab347d733e6d13 

MD5: b3e0675efad8e8b5a126fa1a6a846308 
SHA256: 196da97ab6965f1537cf0aa7df2a4492bd04c045011bb2c88612e0332b5c25df
MD5: 2028098360e0a28deb5463f7396d00c5 
SHA256: ffde19219a0dc465d74a6471a3a4b14659172f8de40d9d59314aee79dc98fd45