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Wednesday, March 28, 2018


This release significantly improves the effectiveness of project repair when project file corruption occurs. Some users still experience corrupted project files when using virtualized file systems (for example, using Burp within a guest VM can lead to project file corruption if the host OS terminates abnormally). Previously, if some key metadata near the start of the project file was lost, then Burp's project repair feature would not recover any data. In the new release, uncorrupted data within the file can still be recovered even if this key metadata is lost. Further feedback is welcomed regarding the effectiveness of project repair.

To support the new project repair function, changes have been made to the Burp project file format. The new release is backwards compatible with project files from all prior versions, but project files created with the new release cannot be opened with older versions of Burp.

Some bugs have been fixed:
  • A bug in macro configuration where some settings for cookie handling might not be saved correctly across executions of Burp.
  • Some minor bugs in the automatic project backup feature that was recently released.
  • A bug where extensions could still gain API access to the Burp Collaborator client even when the user had disabled use of Collaborator.

MD5: a5fe57f8e6ef9c4b569629d5e96af092 
SHA256: 75d088a49548dfe790fa253e48aaf4da771878f935594f9a86c1c155fd92c4c3
MD5: ec5d448a642d9e1da2490e71d33270f1 
SHA256: d22f3f8c18ddb03f4a98244051cf0a9715b23edbc727a95a3deae6d073027a9a 

MD5: f37a7895e0dc811f61c19c37cd7e2165 
SHA256: 2d272773154e28140753ad4065666e1ecafdf63cf3c5b097d23b7d6ad1e1560f 

MD5: 274f8deb72af2bd4bbfe1b4aa6259404 
SHA256: 42161cffda8f131ca139ca449495d4490c10c8b65cc6aeaa5e0bea225ba9dff1 

MD5: 5404d47053587b1bcc6262937ae5678a 
SHA256: 5caf407e5ea11ba83fcec9a7314fba3d3760604f83f520202c8cbc5a745335e0 

MD5: cb6e5a00979463a2be634b6d5388bc49 
SHA256: 44bb6811f838aa6e3a47b0dc0d4ef5f7fbddc031ca5efe2d8bb5f24eb105dc12
MD5: 4a4c9834e066fbba863cfd06226a6747 
SHA256: 200f65fa118a1a11f05b0871b80ac871e19e4ea944dc7745678c6f42be349901 

MD5: 8ffc147bbdf76c45ae2f5412656c18f4 
SHA256: 0b18689e3ad6281ecf6fbc5201593ba8606c930c4dd95e27ede7dc9b79859c11 

MD5: e9b3def4b7d7cfa08a8d1d9c1ccb4b25 
SHA256: ebb3fc0f4f697ecd22a4074a87ca14fe387c775fb13e6cfe5ba8e4cb3ff2b82d 

MD5: c8ff3bf3fd51bc6d31e5513d6ff963e9 

SHA256: 1b2e3226ec8d5e4996e90939af004f3405c431d5d9210151d9060c05c66d7b02