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Friday, February 2, 2018


This release adds a new automatic project file backup function. If you are using a disk-based project, this function automatically saves a backup copy of your project file periodically in the background. The options for the new function can be found at User options / Misc / Automatic Project Backup:

The new function is superior to the older function that saved a state file backup in several respects:
  • Project file backups are considerably faster. Project files of 1Gb in size are typically backed up in a few seconds.
  • You can optionally include in-scope items only, to reduce the size of the backup file.
  • Available disk space is checked before performing a backup. If insufficient space is available, the backup is skipped and an alert is shown.
  • A single backup file is saved alongside the main project file. On successful completion of a new backup, the previous backup file is deleted.
  • On attempting to open a corrupted project file, Burp checks if a backup is available, and if so offers to open that as an alternative to repairing the original.
  • By default, the backup file is deleted on clean shutdown of Burp. Since the main project file is saved incrementally in real time, and project file corruption is typically caused by abnormal termination of the OS, it is not normally necessary to retain backup files following a clean shutdown. You can choose to retain the backup file on shutdown in the automatic project backup options.
  • You can optionally disable the progress dialog that is shown when a backup is performed, so you can continue working without interruption.
  • Backups are enabled by default with no configuration required. If you don't want to use the feature, you can quickly turn it off using the option that is shown in the progress dialog:

Other enhancements include:
  • Installed BApps are now updated automatically on startup. We issue frequent updates to BApps and it is highly recommended to be using the latest versions. You can disable automatic BApp updates in Extender options.
  • A bug in the import project function, which omitted to import the Scanner issue activity log, has been fixed.
  • Requests made by extensions during custom scan checks are now correctly reflected in the scan queue request counts, and are correctly subjected to configured request throttling.
MD5: 7e2383db4fb8d341e2dcd345b201d016
SHA256: f97e6926945df072606337fa53e53b414e2390c48164c51442f64c912b7b0048

MD5: e4dc384b8c819e3f316e9822fb177435
SHA256: a9a52bdf51bb7585f92b9b437512de5de7b00dd981cc58f4a9173c32bace7195

MD5: bde0236d51a550f0746cdb93d0e79716
SHA256: a63abbbba8ab20b20ca0c25032d7f1ea3bbc727d662f1726aea6e7d78e415e01

MD5: 0ba21ef9487cbac9b1635709337b3ffa
SHA256: 47a2e83496a4e1586c966c90d520fa4a541d468bbbcbdfebbf2a2b3289c76556

MD5: 460b75f1c104e7678b2391689077b291
SHA256: f6ebd51316d0f4a99de62cbf006c830c78f4ce09b2154d1e0c1fdf68d4911f7d
MD5: c54123915eb1c35ecf811263aa7962b6
SHA256: 9d76629d4f590542f6e02546b08ef0634ae006e83cd1678401a38e62eb909717

MD5: 3c0e4c2a2db783a92e04fa66ae15eb73
SHA256: 02abd2138f909c35523b7614525a7ed747b62560e4e275ff293798198e79dfd8

MD5: d4d43e44769b121cfd930a13a2b06b4c
SHA256: 49c719e86611ccfdcda8cd23fac8edb236369dd8d0e7133068eaf40315e52206

MD5: c984c818af04fe0ee96a9516769f07cb
SHA256: 09321cda391064d3739ac7092b2643f5aec3eb93846ab9fa446793938e817ff1

MD5: a7b889ff9284e9f1ffe2f269c5bb822a
SHA256: 8b83e3eec6bb2316ff5e8a19b92eda7e46f6a2103d412046d7916a488301ed56