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Friday, January 19, 2018


This release adds two new capabilities relating to Burp project files:
  • You can now import project files into another disk-based project. This lets you merge multiple disk-based projects into one, to consolidate work that has been carried out separately. You can access this function via the Burp menu.
  • You can now select project files as input to the compare site maps function.
Additionally, the "Number of threads" setting in Scanner options has been changed to "Concurrent request limit". This paves the way for some major enhancements to the Scanner engine that are in the pipeline.
MD5: c44f168072bc99b9f49a33f53945390b
SHA256: da76d0533bf34d51f34020ec08fd45621c598f623332c4eae5b584d5a93d86fd

MD5: eee90447d19e244ac73e60faadbc1e8d
SHA256: e32ce5b386a00e6de0dbb2d670869e11185cf62ff57ee0c10517ab8288a7a3ec

MD5: f29ae39fd23f98f3008db26974ab0d0a
SHA256: 84bf3cbae91c621e4fb3c411409293e7759ba2b7ff3d2de4a1749383afcc6b90

MD5: ab66b33f01859405988ad08e9e0eab31
SHA256: f06e51714b35d217b3a4e461e4de424d148158b4ef0eeb1148647c3ed637954c

MD5: d2b30e984737501c66e8f4fc39db9e24
SHA256: 060734050997cda6635248fe9532cd2c824042f142ce71e7462c644dd6533afb