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Monday, November 20, 2017


This release fixes a bug that in some circumstances caused the UI to hang after installing a new BApp.
MD5: aaa7b51924908481e72e32e5e1ce23fc
SHA256: a27d63bd2b1a91a59cd73ba413e742e553acd8f1235f77a5d76e6880b334e23a

MD5: 0b033bf218cc142368c624dd9e95347b
SHA256: ec475c8cf7e4b70f73ff53b3e5630bf9adcda033cb05552e266b54ffda514b2e

MD5: fd9710fd1725bfb9d9b5ccbba143a46a
SHA256: 5a1972cae097777e087acc20dae8a354f7450d25ec13fc4b6e10f57b1c4c4200

MD5: ed564ff8629732040c3105a65d3d8372
SHA256: 34e4ec423fd298bc5d0d0a8e73b989cbe7edde061ab41abe94ab53a94f4a9631

MD5: 0a7279ed37487e4b3cdd1242f4ee62ae
SHA256: be2b9cdd84648437b92e6702e01435d27764d3d8991904beff393b998d73dae1
MD5: e354845b4cacf6ae4c0621c23885c24d
SHA256: 376f65f5599c0131c539a4f20a55e5e41f0e4386188b3bb14ca4970edccc945c

MD5: e75f8c499e228bc55b13d41f0ef0c52d
SHA256: a9f33093b476b771a9fb1548e304bf134e916b88b28363ba965de6a93127e6f7

MD5: b5433f10a9022bf20429ce0d85b54e98
SHA256: cd6d9d03d5db4749e9fe52fb998978d401202eaca3d30cedc4c374d30e297dab

MD5: 3f9c1cee595e7cf3124af2b6862a33c7
SHA256: edf675b6d576cde168594a13500b05eb851faceb8a04c980294d7e1a2e9cfd00

MD5: 58c1eb6babf578f301ffcbc244b893e0
SHA256: e090c55f757560754f678b1f4bebb438909470ce56f86cad21917a1cc34ff113

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


This release introduces simplified scope control.

Burp's existing scope mode employs complex rules allowing you to specify each component of the URL individually (protocol, host, port, and path). You can specify each component using simple expressions, wildcards, and regular expressions. These rules are sometimes complex to create and interpret, and are computationally expensive to apply.

The new scope mode uses simple URL prefixes to define what is in and out of scope. Wildcard expressions are not supported. However, you can omit the URL protocol to match both HTTP and HTTPS:

The new simplified scope control is flexible enough for most purposes, and is enabled by default. You can still enable advanced scope control if you require the power of the old-style scope rules.

State files no longer support saving and reloading of project options. Only project state (site map, Proxy history, etc.) is now included. You can save and reload project options via project configuration files. State files in general are deprecated, and Burp project files should be used instead.

A number of bugfixes and enhancements have been made:
  • A false positive for external service interaction, from certain Collaborator payloads placed into the URL request line when using an upstream proxy, has been fixed.
  • Burp now includes the SNI extension in SSL negotiations even when the hostname doesn't contain a dot.
  • Burp Clickbandit has been updated to fix some issues on Chrome and Edge.
  • The BApp Store tab now shows the popularity, date of last update, and link to source code on Github, for each BApp.
  • A bug in the sessions rules UI, where session rules' references to macros were not reflected after reloading settings, has been fixed.
  • A bug in the filter UI, where a entering a long search string caused the text field to outgrow the window, has been fixed.
Burp's colors and graphics have been updated in line with our website. Additionally, the free edition of Burp has been renamed to Burp Suite Community Edition. We are planning some brand new editions of Burp in the future, and the new name will sit better alongside those. It will, of course, remain free of charge.
MD5: d1525fa91a378932f314f271b94a3b1b
SHA256: e26c12ab11914e5d73d3bcd8e9578b789c59ee87200845136f9b6d5a238074ac

MD5: 973151867335371aa686e44996961ec6
SHA256: ba1aad6c20104db4d14d4bc6b48302d4099ffac3180942b0b090831b25df76f8

MD5: 762443b04893cbbce69b5e30ec01e156
SHA256: c2e8224c2b32eca82e3fe8b08c498ce201ac4aba911ab3caafc9e521cd8f8b2a

MD5: d91ccdaa68841977335c0bb714eba3cd
SHA256: 31e627fd936510e8180238e8061069d9a614cb3d20479ebf50302a1152fd9707

MD5: 80f25bf5100d3d44ce78970e147c8b96
SHA256: 62055dd967a6ca352a7e661aebe1c0300c61db94beab2f2f9fd3711c5204412d
MD5: 89672c80f81a35f3db1fcb9ae4b5260d
SHA256: 3c80d0643812946c6fac98bcc2cdfe898bc7f596ddf96605ffc81ee2ec9a246b

MD5: b8039f9228f9071fae50695de6ad7af6
SHA256: b1a915f8c9893c410cd010547fdc7ded1bff42648e767f6775223624afc56794

MD5: 11595cf3d7f1e2db998bae4309ea2b03
SHA256: 3092692f47c396fa81d5d536a0108b91e10599fe80c12421937175be3bedc401

MD5: b2446f640421a8c5902ab0427df45c06
SHA256: fc15ada5132d452d95a2ca79f9bdafa160a8d8eae6e64ca677db749b8eccb2a2

MD5: 7d9cc726717f83166266f4da6e4da173
SHA256: 6070248eac93d0fa52708a5bd8d8a1d2660fb933e9f1dde1e95eb8e7b8fa8e9b