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Monday, May 22, 2017


This release adds the capability to report a number of new scan issues:
Burp Infiltrator for Java has been enhanced to correctly deal with some kinds of edge case bytecode that were not previously patched correctly.

Extensions written in Python and Ruby can now import libraries located in Java JARs. You can configure a location for Java libraries at Extender / Options / Java environment. This location is now used for extensions written in Python and Ruby, as well as those written in Java.

Various performance improvements and other minor enhancements have been made.
MD5: 72d9d7cddcc01e1f7313310deca24e8a
SHA256: 5e74b38ea51007009a1d8f19ccdb5dcfcea632b9895b41019084f5df0195cbd6

MD5: 758cdcd6fa227bf0028f35834a7cda5a
SHA256: 15fe5ac4c2d0f0aa62c1c470a237be669024fcab4aefa93f7d753992dc25d5f5

MD5: 0943306c0d1434ff79febf34210fb87e
SHA256: 5611badf74b68898d7270002acc796683365113c915e78374276de6475c403f9

MD5: ff903ff72e93b9ca44565388e0577e3a
SHA256: a71a165df2644cc829eabfaa01512f7d316b4f73a4a25cc4c8f4c0d6109b7c79

MD5: 2cf7aa2499647075b7b6b490b71e1b4e
SHA256: 7fe95e194622df38c8924484c43cfceb1ef5cda21a23f8e5ab392b6b0954fb79
MD5: bbd18a2bed12b8289bed27bb3870bbf3
SHA256: 642d597774b369120ede5d5251ca59203a2ccdfeafaa39e4620b60f60ffa8818

MD5: 69c13296d7411d00b5d376460b593277
SHA256: 09891adff1f7e39213167190fdb96641b7e5c2128431a45ffe43d436a21b795c

MD5: cc37820971ae74b32429ef962711e0b5
SHA256: a9e97e0d83b7b29db20f27b3e931e99ce64313206afd153fcae101a8c957eaea

MD5: eaa21157d1e2c4c898b225cbc6ead0a7
SHA256: 41a16a19e2486eaac7ef567fc3b719cfeb5045b70107c3dfbac181f06ae2fb9d

MD5: 63862e13eefe2516ee447840b1368049
SHA256: 0913910cfcab3571f350d46a326c749191d73917b4679fe227da1c42999d0ff9