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Friday, April 28, 2017


This release introduces Burp Suite Mobile Assistant, a new tool to facilitate testing of iOS apps with Burp Suite. It supports the following key functions:
  • It can modify the system-wide proxy settings of iOS devices so that HTTP(S) traffic can be easily redirected to a running instance of Burp. (Supported on iOS 8 and later.)
  • It can attempt to circumvent SSL certificate pinning in selected apps, allowing Burp Suite to break their HTTPS connections and intercept, inspect and modify all traffic. (Supported on iOS 8 and 9).

Burp Suite Mobile Assistant runs on jailbroken devices running iOS 8 and later. For full details of how to install and use Burp Suite Mobile Assistant, please see the documentation.

A number of other minor enhancements and fixes have been made, including:
  • The selected column ordering in the Proxy history is now remembered in user-level settings.
  • Editing URL or cookie parameters in the "Params" view no longer loses the request body if it contains JSON/XML/etc.
  • Performance when deleting multiple selected items from the Proxy history is significantly improved.
  • Some memory problems encountered when scanning items with huge responses have been addressed.
  • A new method has been added to the API: IMessageEditor.getSelectionBounds().
MD5: 14dbd70a89460e54df480e9affd0e470
SHA256: 79dac5ec342dc037464496371129b29bc794d186dd36cbf447b96a68af7e0acf

MD5: 74c5f13c271039a01111458ac0d37244
SHA256: 938c7e7cb79477ce69a772e476d120b95963bd249801c63d65b330a220f57f6b

MD5: 1608a8e5c88271975ca66e5f4d122147
SHA256: 4f67942b1b5588f7c9707ea61a6de1b1d83f9496ab6a5532685eccaf1d0f0a4c

MD5: ec4bf216313865cae2f66078c0757b8a
SHA256: 487de9dc34a2638c3b1ade0e1765f10e8e8359b8b42f07610a22850cbbb5881f

MD5: 2fc257b38664d55d6d87d1de8490695d
SHA256: a0f9c5511e31af8570673861307100788d8edef6c8630944c22594d2a4952b98
MD5: 795d2bee9bec97d241243b4a24fa8779
SHA256: 915d9471ce9a00361b539f9fce1bf4175bd48c051264f3073178cfe71879e6d0

MD5: 94ab0c655589555e5abcbf4978bbdf4b
SHA256: 7cf1edfb508be61e5042669df7e3ee95335e18c6d089ff47767eab401db0e069

MD5: 5f9edf88e239d2f9c2c512f12675905f
SHA256: f6d38f66fdc9d33c719967754353580abfb84ec841b5cf86f513b129559fe435

MD5: 77ba365f8200a93a273e9a2fd6b86592
SHA256: 0e087cbc627d436c14b7e6688aa6b71c74ac3e648e0283f535e915528ac0382c

MD5: fdf1ade757bb41e2500aa55d27d024f0
SHA256: 776e418e64c7aabe3ad43a638dfd2ff4857f30cf5baa92ce7fca5e8f6249a646