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Friday, September 23, 2016


This release contains fixes for some bugs affecting a number of users, most notably:
  • A fix for a bug that caused excessive CPU consumption during active scanning in some situations.
  • A workaround for an OpenJDK bug that caused the JVM to crash when working with Burp project files on some Linux platforms.
MD5: 3f36c29637c99e9426718a74746b0aa9
SHA256: 8a337214b126e50f1d2b2055a35b7b80ea54601df70458d3b7e69af213e92c5e

MD5: 94f6e88ffc0c57a0f3ebd6bb7307236a
SHA256: 90a99549d93c15bc6ce2d33c5fd35adbbe403c3a1f8ca8eed2a32854ec60afb8

MD5: d1612f9172507f5d31e2271369529a5c
SHA256: e8473675ca256a0a2dcf13498481543f360881c1949db78648248d656ec6ca70

MD5: f210b5d81632ccf0aaaa566bf728c7e4
SHA256: 0cd3d4c4f3e469ba18a356521c982206b1785c0cf51405bd602ba1a0418698f8

MD5: e7569b00c2947ae71852f8483e85a785
SHA256: 080521f6c24a60eb0c67c583c59692eb0eec75ffe7d14f8885ac6afa62fa1ffa