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Monday, August 22, 2016


This release introduces native platform installers for Windows, Linux and OS X. These install Burp together with a private Java runtime environment, so you don't need to worry about installing or updating Java. The installation of Burp is fully integrated with standard OS features (start menu, dock, taskbar etc.), making it easier to launch Burp without use of the command line.

Pro edition users can obtain Burp platform installers in two ways:
  • Log in to your account and choose which installer to download.
  • Use the existing update feature to obtain the latest Burp JAR file, run that, and choose "Download other installers" from the Help menu.
Free edition installers can be obtained directly from the download page.
Note that although the platform installers have been extensively tested on various platforms, these are officially experimental and we welcome users' feedback about how they perform in real-world conditions. We will continue to distribute plain JAR files for people who prefer those.

There is also improved handling of updates. When an update is available, Burp lets you view full details of the release, and choose which installer type to download. When a release is flagged as beta, you can choose whether to download the beta release or the latest stable release.

A number of other enhancements have also been made:
  • The performance of the Proxy history view filter has been considerably improved, and changes to the filter are applied much faster on very large histories. 
  • Some instances where redundant data is saved to Burp project files have been fixed.
  • The options to select font size now permit selection of very large font sizes, as a workaround for lack of proper support for HiDPI screens on Java 8 and earlier.
MD5: 4f1b6f84c35c8b500cbf3085c382d797
SHA256: 88fa1d45493d3a835c97de1d63bcccc8bd94644eba64404044ba29390aae702e

MD5: 2a0a142e82b90813023707d611686f56
SHA256: 2ba86b92440c68dc9b9c9fc8af5de3e095cdfed3fc668f01064f8f475ad98740

MD5: d126dd11dc58fc1040bcf12f39966232
SHA256: c41894cce04a194fcb73ef0760bf9300fe283400a39b1f757d15827f68db94ad

MD5: 6d95586b8798a1e84692557ea87270ff
SHA256: 1430a8c481d1e7979719c9816a2f273529bef72bef46625d61ebfb30f8edb62e

MD5: 9066f94d41f4caf90756308be373ff7e
SHA256: 82c704200030ec941331baea1ec3948f0bfb4b1265410550df286a1102efaac0
MD5: 703f19226b8e53617d383b367f7fb437
SHA256: aa1d443288bc08112e556aad4959d1f81c3ee0d375d04efa2270fcf0fe03d514

MD5: c3aa1ef36ed80d34372f89be4b05ab03
SHA256: 3cf5c69130e95c2a3ea396d2c946b406d4448a1d9efe16be8b7d4adfcadf43d7

MD5: 471cc3470f2a80a7a02f345365c5603c
SHA256: ebcb7ad6732485569b36c145a4b99643056fc358c16ba1630a25f68b1e214c92

MD5: 3e29f6c7bc6a40fb456fce046097cc38
SHA256: dc023f8de24915fb52171d213f151499ea739a369d3646a469455dbe901c54a7

MD5: c1c4b842fa538f8c72c6171b669ddda2
SHA256: c0c303037432890921cfeed32cb428b1f7eb13ca8c7276eaeda5fb89e06b40df