Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This is the final stable v1.5 release:
  • Burp Suite Free Edition contains significant new features, added since v1.4 - Read full details.
  • Burp Suite Professional contains a number of bugfixes and tweaks, added since the last release candidate.
Work is already well underway on post-v1.5 features. Pro users will have some fantastic new toys to play with soon ...

Free edition
MD5: 2d1af3b6bd7842977747984b7c37b190
SHA256: 8596fed86278cfa607333358b688a07df4e4c3fc13be42b7ecd6672e4708d641

Pro edition
MD5: 551275db277d33e984c7768f5c6a0a92
SHA256: 4f1992678438a6f8fd09e341407f1664d1ee749ee1c28d67c0ef3ab6dea49680