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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This is the final stable v1.5 release:
  • Burp Suite Free Edition contains significant new features, added since v1.4 - Read full details.
  • Burp Suite Professional contains a number of bugfixes and tweaks, added since the last release candidate.
Work is already well underway on post-v1.5 features. Pro users will have some fantastic new toys to play with soon ...

Free edition
MD5: 2d1af3b6bd7842977747984b7c37b190
SHA256: 8596fed86278cfa607333358b688a07df4e4c3fc13be42b7ecd6672e4708d641

Pro edition
MD5: 551275db277d33e984c7768f5c6a0a92
SHA256: 4f1992678438a6f8fd09e341407f1664d1ee749ee1c28d67c0ef3ab6dea49680

Monday, October 8, 2012


This release fixes a bug which was introduced in the v1.5rc2 release, and which caused the active scan checks for XSS to fail to execute in some situations. If you have carried out any scanning using the v1.5rc2 release, it is recommended that you repeat the scans using this release.

MD5: f1d6e2a15ec1d73f881e3e7d6c228bef
SHA256: a52c8eed60544853c6ca780439f4f8f35a7ff352cae6cca0c65c41de6b7c0c9f

Friday, October 5, 2012


This release fixes a number of minor bugs.

The Burp Repeater UI has been modified to conserve screen space. The previous fields for host / port / protocol have been removed, since these details are automatically populated when a request is sent to Repeater, and typically do not need to be modified. The details of the target server for the current request are still displayed, and you can change these details by clicking on the target server label, to open a dialog.

Burp's memory handling has been further refined, particularly when actively scanning, to reduce the overall memory footprint and improve Burp's resilience in low memory conditions.

MD5: 913317eaee1a19eac9df47c23f08b179
SHA256: 4f119e3c841fa62c6fff4bbe03c424ffa581838222f567852ad8f4acaf623012